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Kaum Muda Masa Depan Gereja


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In case we look at this 21st

In case we look at this 21st century situation, it can not be denied that urban youth is the most thoughtful concentration of a wide range of false instructing in the present. Frankly, the possible destiny of the assembly lies in the hands of adolescents. homework help online Regardless, it is thankful that the present Gallup outline shows that around 60-80 percent of energetic Christians in Indonesia still give watchful thought to significant issues and church practices however with different motivations.

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Padahal, masa depan gereja

Padahal, masa depan gereja terletak di tangan kaum muda. Meskipun demikian, patut disyukuri bahwa survei Gallup baru-baru ini memperlihatkan bahwa hampir 60 -- 80 persen kaum muda Kristen di Indonesia masih menaruh perhatian serius pada hal-hal religious dan kegiatan gereja meskipun dengan motivasi yang berbeda-beda.
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Truth be told, the eventual

Truth be told, the eventual fate of the congregation lies in the hands of youngsters. By the by, it is appreciative that the current Gallup review demonstrates that almost 60-80 percent of youthful Christians in Indonesia still give careful consideration to religious issues and church exercises yet with various inspirations. Assignment Services

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